Who is Andy Reistetter?

Who is Andy Reistetter and why is he embarking on a Journey to Olympic Golf?

Andy Reistetter, corporate exec-turned-golf-writer, has a mission to raise $100,000 for charity while celebrating golf’s return to the Olympics through a “Journey to Olympic Golf”. The youthful Reistetter will be taking a “Journey to Olympic Golf” road trip, in his vintage 1992 Infiniti M30 convertible, from where it was last played in St. Louis in 1904 to where it will be next played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. Starting out from Glenn Echo CC in late October, taking three months and returning by jet for the January PGA Show in Orlando this journey can be your Olympic moment too.

Inspired by Ben Hogan’s and his “Follow the Sun” perspective, the lifelong golfer will be following the sun south on an unchartered course through the Southwest United States, Mexico, Central and South America. Part personal journey to find his own Olympic Spirit, part golf promotion, you can join Andy on the road via daily updates and videos while making your own charitable donation.

At age 12, Andy’s older brother LP gave him Ben Hogan’s epic golf instruction book with the following inscription: “Golf is a lot like life, the more you learn and understand about it, the easier it is to meet its challenge.” Join Reistetter on this “Journey to Olympic Golf” and capture your own golfing and Olympic spirit! ¬†AndyReistetter@gmail.com