Maui Dave Starts the New Year!

Snapshot 1 (10-5-2013 10-04 PM)CLICK here for VIDEO of Maui Dave Starts the New Year!

You know when you are going along the road in lifeĀ  and you meet someone who has something profound to say? That happened to me in Maui when I met Dave and fortunately I captured it on video. This happened on New Year’s Eve and was a great perspective to start the New Year and has stuck with me ever since.

I need to go back to Maui and see this for myself. Dave is a shuttle van driver and shared the awesome experience of seeing the Milky Way from horizon to horizon on a dark moonless night on Maui. It puts us and our problems all in perspective and perhaps typifies the Maui way of life? And a little SPAM sushi can’t hurt you.

Dave always asks his passengers as he drops them off at the airport this question: “Are you sure you want to leave?”

Fortunately it was a shuttle ride back to the airport to pick up a rental car to go explore the ‘Valley Isle’ for a few more days!

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