Capturing the Olympic Spirit of the 1996 Games in Atlanta

On my way to St. Louis to officially kick off the “Journey to Olympic Golf” at Glen Echo CC, purely by chance and fate, I realized I would be driving through Atlanta which hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996. Not only that but Atlanta is the home of Bobby Jones. So in one weekend I was three-for-three- on a journey and capturing the Spirit of the Olympics and Golf. When your actions and behavior match perfectly the title of your endeavor in life that is a good thing!

I was hosted by 1972 Olympian Dennis Berkholtz (1972 Team Handball, Olympic Coach in 1976) which was an amazing experience in of itself. We visited the Torch monument near Turner Field, explored Centennial Park, the lasting focal point of the 1996 Games and I met and interviewed another Olympian named Bob Pickens (1964 Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestler).

More videos, pictures, & posts coming… what would you like me to write about?



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