Team USA Wins Gold at The Spirit International

I did not know about The Spirit International until Charlie Epps, Houston’s preeminent Golf Professional and coach to two-time Major Champion Angel Cabrera, mentioned it to me in a phone conversation. His comment went something like this- it sounds like what you are doing is right along the lines of The Spirit International, an amateur, Olympic-like golfing competition. The Spirit is a biennial event opposite the World Amateur Team Championships  and played at Whispering Pines Golf Club. As luck and fate would have it I was nearby and could extend my stay in Houston to attend the Opening Ceremonies and I am very excited to do so!

CLICK here for video interview with United States Captain Paige MacKenzie

With Paige Makenzie, the United States Captain for the 2014 Spirit International.

With Paige Makenzie, the United States Captain for the 2014 Spirit International.

Paige MacKenzie, United States Captain would end up leading her team to victory at the 2013 Spirit International. She came back to captain the team after being a player on the 2005 team. To say she is a spirited captain of a spirited team in a spirited amateur international event is an understatement. Her exuberance for this event, the experience it provides to amateurs and to the game of golf is clearly evident in our video interview. Living with the teams of Italy and Mexico at Camp Olympia created lifetime memories and connections for her. Paige grew up wanting to play in the Olympics and joked that she was too tall to be a gymnast. With golf in the Olympics in 2016, all little and grown-up girls now have that opportunity. Being mentally focused, relaxed and performing at the right time is the path to Olympic Gold according to Paige.

CLICK here for video interview with Corby Robertson, Founder of The Spirit International

CLICK here for video interview with Eric Fredricksen, Tournament Director

CLICK here for Video Interview of three volunteers who are members too!

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