Kids First to Play Olympic Golf in August 2014!!!

Michelle Wie is an Ambassador for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. Photo courtesy of

Michelle Wie is an Ambassador for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. Photo courtesy of

Thought Olympic Golf would be played for the first time in 112 years in the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro?  So did I but am wring. Golf will first be played in the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China in August 2014. The Nanjing Zhongshan International Golf Course with host the event. Michele Wie, who personally testified to have golf return to the Olympics is a YOG Ambassador. As I learn more about the competition and who will be competing I will let you know. Yogger is the Nanjing YOG mascot.

Youth Olympic Games Coming Soon…

IOC unveils Michelle Wie as YOG Ambassador ahead of golf’s debut at Nanjing 2014


The Nanjing YOG mascot NANJINGLELE on the shoulder of Michele Wie. Photo courtesy of

The Nanjing YOG mascot NANJINGLELE on the shoulder of Michele Wie. Photo courtesy of

With fewer than 300 days to go until golf makes its Youth Olympic Games (YOG) debut at Nanjing 2014, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced Michelle Wie as a YOG Ambassador.

The American golfer, who was the youngest ever player to qualify for a USGA (United States Golf Association) tournament, aged just 10 years old, will share her advice and experience with the first generation of YOG golfers, while inspiring young people around the world to get involved in sport and embrace the Olympic values.

Michelle, 24, who has achieved two LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) career victories, said about her nomination as a YOG Ambassador: “I feel so honoured to be part of the Youth Olympic Games. I’m hoping to teach young people to have fun with their game, to be competitive, to really want something and to realise the importance of having a dream.”

The golfing prodigy added: “I think it’s really important to inspire young people to take up sport; it’s important to be active and be outdoors. I remember my childhood, playing different sports and rarely being indoors.”

Golf will feature on the sports programme for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games ahead of its return to the Olympic Games, in Rio in 2016, after more than a century. Michelle was a key member of the delegation that travelled to the IOC Session in Copenhagen in 2009 to successfully bid for the re-inclusion of golf.

Speaking about her own aspirations to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Stanford graduate said: “I went to the London Olympic Games last year and that really got me inspired. It got me motivated and I’m going to do everything I can. It’s one of my biggest focuses, making the American team for Rio.”

The second edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games will be held from 16 to 28 August 2014 in Nanjing, China. The programme will feature 28 sports, as well as unique disciplines such as 3-on-3 basketball and 5-a-side hockey, in addition to mixed gender and mixed National Olympic Committee (NOC) events.

Zhongshan International Golf Club.

Zhongshan International Golf Club.

A press conference was held on 21 May by Zhongshan International Golf Club to introduce the preparation for the golf events of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games (Nanjing 2014).

Zhongshan International Golf Club is praised as the most beautiful venue of Nanjing 2014

64 golfers from 32 countries and regions will join the Games. It is understood said that Zhongshan International Golf Club has three 9-hole courses, namely Yishan Course, Yinghu Course and Lanyue Course, and occupies an area of approximately 2.44m square metres. The first two courses are jointly referred to as the ‘northern 18 hole’, which meet international championship standards. The courses will host the golf events of Nanjing 2014, and have previously hosted the Invitational Golf Games of the 10th National Games of the People’s Republic of China, three China Golf Tournaments and the golf events of the 2nd Asian Youth Games, Nanjing 2013 (AYG Nanjing 2013).

One-to-one personal maintenance to improve fully the conditions of the venue

After winning the right to host the events, the Club began upgrading its 27-hole course, including complete replacement of the grass, landscape advancement, hotel expansion and functional clubs advancement. The whole work will be completed before Nanjing 2014.

The venue team has settled in since the beginning of the year, and over half of its members have gained experience from the golf events of AYG Nanjing 2013. As Nanjing 2014 will take place in August, the hottest month days in Nanjing, course maintenance is therefore far more demanding. It is predicated that the temperature of the course will reach 50ºC during the Games. Strong sunlight and humidity will greatly impact the grass and lead to its death. Therefore, the Club has adopted a personal-maintenance system to ensure all 18 greens remain in good condition during the Games. Currently, the venue team is working very hard as the preparation for the Games entering its final stage.

The Club invites the youth to experience golf

Unlike any other event, each golfer is accompanied by a caddie. All caddies of the Games come from Zhongshan, who provide the golfers with the best help and support.

In response to the Nanjing 2014 events taking place during the scorching heat in August, the Club has continued to train intensively the caddies in every aspect since Nanjing 2013, for example, walking through the 18-hole course, which is about 9.5 kilometres, while carrying a golf bag that weighs over 10 kilograms. English training is also the focus of the intensive training, as the caddies will be directly serving golfers from all over the world. Furthermore, the Club provides regularly professional “high-end service training”.

To uncover the mystery veils of the caddies as well as to promote the Nanjing 2014 golf events, the Club will begin to provide complimentary experience activity from today. Youth between 10 and 18 may apply to participate in the “Caddie Experience Day” to be a caddie and experience the unique charm of golf.

Teenagers to play at YOG golf course

Nanjing Zhongshan International Golf Course is recently calling for youngsters to feel the unique charm of golf, a sports event which has been included in the upcoming Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).
Those aged from 10 to 18 who are interested in golf can apply for the activity in which they will serve as caddies.
Zhongshan International Golf Course, which consists of three nine-hole golf courses and covers an area of 2.44 million square meters, has been renovated to welcome players from around the world.

NANJING, China – November 29, 2012,The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (NYOGOC) today unveiled its official mascot: “NANJINGLELE”.

NANJINGLELE is the mascot of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China.

NANJINGLELE is the mascot of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China.

NANJINGLELE is inspired by a unique natural feature of the host city known as the “Rain-Flower Pebble” (also translated as “Riverstone”). The design of the mascot takes the typical shape and appearance of this stone but in a creative and artistic way, highlighting the colours from the emblem’s palette. The word ‘lele’ represents the sound of stones colliding together and is pronounced like the Chinese word meaning happiness or joy.

NYOGOC unveiled the official mascot at a grand ceremony held at the Nanjing Olympic Centre, one of the main competition venues for the upcoming Games. More than 4,000 people, including students, locals, government officials and sponsor representatives, attended the ceremony. Olympic Chinese champions Sun Yang, Huang Xu and Wu Jingyu unveiled the mascot with official dignitaries and a group of young people who are working with NYOGOC as advisors.

In a congratulatory letter read during the ceremony, the International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge, said: “The design of NANJINGLELE is truly inspiring and will certainly capture the attention of the world’s youth and older generations alike. Not only does it incorporate aspects of the host city’s majestic local stone, the riverstone, but it is bright and vibrant and sets the tone for a fun, colourful and energetic YOG.”

Li Xueyong, Governor of Jiangsu Province and President of NYOGOC, said: “Mascot NANJINGLELE represents the profound cultural deposit of Nanjing, the collective wisdom of its people and the good wish of a harmonious relationship between human beings and the nature.”

NANJINGLELE was chosen following a nationwide mascot design competition launched by NYOGOC earlier this year. More than 1.2 million students from more than 900 colleges across China participated in the competition.

During the event, Cao Weixing, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province and Vice President of NYOGOC, presented an award to the winning designer Mr Cui Xinye, 25, a college student.

Yang Weize, General Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Executive President of NYOGOC, gave a speech during the ceremony: “As a messenger of the Nanjing 2014 concept and the Youth Olympic spirit, NANJINGLELE will win numerous friends all over the world with its cute and vivid look. It simultaneously sends an invitation to all the young people around the world to take part in Nanjing 2014 and to join in the YOG experience wherever they are .”

Matthew Forbes, Vice Consul-General of Britain,which hosted theLondon 2012 Olympic Games, and Chi Chiew Sum, Vice Consul-General of Singapore, which hosted the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010, also expressed their best wishes to Nanjing 2014 and presented their mascots as a gift to Nanjing.

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